A Lignano Sabbiadoro for cyclists, this want to be the city. Every year the cycle paths are longer and linked to provide an increasingly dense network, able to reach each corner of the city.

From the pedestrian area in Lignano Sabbiadoro to the promenade in Lignano Pineta, until the river Tagliamento in Lignano Riviera.


Lignano offers you the chance to spend very funny moment during your holidays with the mini-golfs. Take careful aim, control your power and try to avoid walls, traps and other obstacles to send the ball into the hole.

Maybe it is not so easy as it sounds, but sure you will have fun with your friends and family.


In an island few minutes from the beach of Lignano you can learn or improve the kite-surfing.

The steady wind of this area provides a perfect place for both beginners and professional kite-surfers to ride the waves, always helped by qualified teachers.


From the golden sand to the greens in the golf courses, always remaining in Lignano. The city boasts a renowned 18-hole golf course, surrounded by greenery in Lignano Riviera.

Here you can play next to professional player and spend the day in one of the best Golf Clubs of the region.

Tennis su campi in terra rossa


Rackets, balls and shoes. All ready for a funny match with friends or a real game on the tennis courts in Lignano Sabbiadoro.

And if you want a perfect backhand like Roger Federer, you can seek help from qualified instructors in each sports centre.


A horseback ride on the promenade at the sunset to enjoy a slower and more natural pace of life with a really beautiful animal.

Lignano offers its guests this experience, thanks to the different riding schools in the city and nearby


Ride the waves of the sea is a chance not to miss and Lignano Sabbiadoro offers you the opportunity to do it. On the beach you will find different windsurfing schools with classes differentiated by age and experience, from beginners.

Teachers, in addition to their experience, will also make available the material.

Jogging a Lignano in spiaggia


Running on the beach in Lignano on the seashore, along the cycle paths of the city, on the banks on the lagoon, on the paths in the different green parks.

In Lignano you will be spoilt for choice for running and do sport outdoors during your holiday.